Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Chill of First Snow

Cold winters are not a part of living in California but for most of the United States mountain region this is a typical winter vista.   Learning to work with  snow as a major part of a painting is challenging ..... I truly enjoyed the process and delighted with the outcome.

The Chill of First Snow
Private Collection

22 x 15


  1. This makes me feel like putting on my coat. You've portrayed the feeling of cold very well.

  2. Peggy, this is beautiful. The color of the sky, the blue shadows on the snow.... just breathtaking. I'm enjoying your paintings so much, I hope you'll post more of them.

    (By the way, I went to school with your sons and happened upon your blog via Charles' Facebook page. I went to school with Stephen and am a good friend of Dori's.)

    1. Bonnie, Thank you for your wonderful comment. I am very glad you enjoy my art .... I love painting ...